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Journals of Building Opportunies 2009-2011

Posted by Jocelyn Lernout on February 22, 2013 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)
there are those who go through life, allowing things to happen to them
and there are those who explore life to make things happen for them

embrace opportunity, be open and willing to work towards your best self.
a life of success and passionate engagement awaits you.

you can go through life learning
gaining knowledge and experiencing education
and this can be beneficial to your development
but to be creative and active through the process
to be able to challenge yourself
while interacting and working with others
allows you to notice your strengths 
build on your weaknesses 
and produce appreciated results through your creativity and passion

you learn about yourself, your talents and abilities

you feel inspired and empowered to further pursue that which you love to do

in doing so, you are develop yourself, so you are ready to seize the moments of your life's purpose and passion (your journey, calling) 

life is a journey of opportunity ready to be explored
and dreamed into reality.
so be open to that which sparks your interest
and be ready to use your talents.
sharpen your creative mind, be healthy in your body
allow your creativity to breathe
when you are ready for your passion that is calling you
find yourself among the doors that usher you through a journey of your dreams

fashion show, 
film projects
spoken, acted out word. with music and emotion
photo collages/music/art installations/animation
conglomeration of these put together
write on sports, 
what it means to dream
what is passion
the world coming together
olympic flame/torch : athens, beijing, anywhere that inspires you.
heritage, history, culture,
UNITY of culture
experience, sport, art (describe identities, do you have a music identity?)

ideas for whitefeather inspiration
olympics is in canada this year, the torch is going through chatham dec. 23rd.
we have an opportunity to share with the world, what chatham kent is all about.
we have rich heritage of aboriginal people, freedom route of the underground railroad; settlers of slaves who we became free
we live along a river, and we live among the great lakes, at the point of ontario, close to america,
so we have been a place where people settled when they rode horse and buggys as well as the when the train and car industries were introduced.  *the journey of technology, bringing us to where we are today*

we farm and have local markets,
we have summer and winter sports, boat culture, kiteboarding, tractor pulls
we have festivals such as heritage days and medeival times.
retrofest; the vibes of what it was like to start riding in cars, days of art, culture and theatre dt, enjoying the technology that developed to bring movies/filmmaking to the screen

our land is fertile and prosperous...
we ignite the flame of memories for our heritage and histories for the cultural spirit now, and that which was before us.

the olympics is an event in which people come together to celebrate passion of the human spirt. celebrating the dream and determination of athletes. it is an opportunity for the world to come together in celebration of the common cultures of sport and artistic achievements.

through a world of communication technology that we live in, it has also become an opportunity to share with the world, the cultural spirit and heritage of the host city and it's country. 

With the games of 2010, let's ignite the torch's flame with the vision and passion of bringing the world together through respecting culture and heritage of all peoples.

We are a nation full of people who's ancestors sought after dreams of new beginnings, freedom, and opportunity....these dreams and quests for new beginnings, created canada as the multicultural country that we live in today.  However, as we enjoy our lives, let us remember the legacy and stories of aboriginal peoples who thrived among these lands that we, as a multicultural nation, call home==in doing so, together we welcome the world.

poem of looveeeee
it is important for me to be happy right now/not stressed.... because i can feel the creativity within me when it is strong, or when it is worn down. ***impt to remember, 'breathe in life',...allow yourself time for YOU to know YOU. work with your thoughts. get them to where you want to be. if your heart is not with you, breathe. do something to get it there, or move yourself to be where you belong.

Love yourself.
and learn to Know yourself so you can love yourself fully.
Listen to your heart and Live as your heart.
-let your consious mind be your companion.
Make time for yourself to do the things you know you love to do
and make time to explore things you may love to do.
Get Engaged in the community around you
Welcome yourself to it
and know that you can bring things to it as well.

The world is yours to experience
and the world most definately loves you to contribute yourself.
There are fields that are allways ready for your passions to be planted.

Live your life so that when it is your experience to move on
your footprint is appreciated and felt upon the ground in which you now choose to walk.


Miss Supernatural Reality

life is a journey of opportunity ready to be explored
and created into reality
so be open to that which sparks your interest
and be ready to use your talents:
sharpen your creative mind, be healthy in your body
allow your creativity to breathe.
find yourself among doors that usher you through 
a journey of passion and engagement,
a journey of life as your dreams.

J is a documentarian who is passionate about attending community events and cultural festivals, so that she can share stories that bring people of the world together.  She is native to Chatham, southwestern Ontario, a community of rich heritage and cultural history.  Upon graduating from university with a degree in Psychology, with minors in Religion Culture and English, her life experiences guided her to know that she could share what she had come to understand about who we are and the world of diversity that we live in.  
She got engaged in the filming opportunities available to her, bought a camera and started traveling.  Believing in her visions and passion, Jocelyn brought herself to the west coast to embrace the Olympics as an opportunity to  create films about what she calls 'United in Culture', experiences in which people unite in celebration through Culture.  Since being here she has found herself on a journey of exploring many stories, meeting wonderful people, appreciating the supernatural beauty of nature and having the opportunities to strengthen herself and speak on stage, through pageantry.  
As Jocelyn Lernout, I have indeed found myself among a journey of my dreams,
and through my artistic passions and film work, I love to work with children and youth to inspire them to explore themselves, discover their interests and develop their talents.  My advice to all people is to make time to dream, be open to opportunity, and be engaged to make dreams reality.

a writer, photographer, or other artist whose work constitutes a document or documentary of an aspect of life.

My ambition is to touch people's lives, to offer all people opportunities to appreciate  and respect heritage and culture while feeling inspired to dream.

I live my life with the passion and actions of being engaged in the community to meet people, find stories, and experience events that I can film and create into documentaries.  I love making new friends in spontaneous occurances, being kind to someone on the street and making children smile, letting them know that they are amazing.  I love living in the moment, going with the flow, trusting intuition and being open to opportunity. 

My ambitions and journey is a life as an artist, filmmaker, photographer, actress, writer and poet who loves to create inspirational works.  My career will also become: my passion to create a social camp for children and youth in which I can give them opportunities to explore their passions, develop their talents, and feel inspired to dream while feeling empowered to achieve their dreams.

I try to surround myself with the most positive, creative and kind people so I can share with them in uplifting each other for ever greater ideas and positive life experiences.  If I meet negative people, my goal is to inspire them to see their best self and know that life is a beautiful opportunity to be happy and create happiness.
I truly value friendship, family, experiencing nature, concerts, festivals, being on the water; opportunities to soak in life's moments.


what does becoming miss universe canada mean to you?

I recognize that becoming miss universe is an opportunity for me to work as a role model through a gifted platform in which I can dedicate my year to accomplishing so much of what I am passionate about.   I recognize this world of beautiful landscape and culture, which has evolved to bring us where we are today; the ability to unite with each other, lead healthy lives, and celebrate who we are as diverse humanity.  I will love to inspire that together, we can do anything.  This a world of infinite opportunity.  I will be thrilled to be a role model during these times of the world uniting, offering myself as an inspirational speaker for important causes that deserve recognition on a global scale.

As Miss Universe, I will value having so many doors open to me, in which I would be truly thankful for having the ability to reach the world.  
I would dedicate my life to the year as miss universe, and carry with me the energy through out life, of feeling empowered to truly make change happen that the world is so ready for.


special talents:
I dream big and express my sincere visions and passion. I believe in myself and my purpose in life.   I love living everyday working with my dreams, ready to share with the world who i am and what i understand about heritage, culture, nature and our ability to be the best we choose to be.


make your discovery
feeling myself among new beginnings;
and overcoming clowdy periods...
in which much of my journey has been up in the air.
before this hazy period (of chaotic learning about myself, direction of having to make choices, and being somewhat confused, due to options around me),.....
for quite some time, i have been so fully immersed in what i was experiencing,...continuing to roll with the flow of attending events, embracing opportunity, living freely among my surroundings of meeting new people, and staying with friends.
i have been doing this, until now, where i am ready to 'gain responsibility' for my life, for who i am, living as who i know myself to be,
who am i?
i am a kind hearted person, who loves people. i love observing, seeing their experience,...getting to know them
i recognize the arts/film/media as opportunities to reach them, especially youth/ be inspired.
this is very close to my heart...and look forward when the time is right.
so who am i now?
i enjoy fitness. i enjoy health.
i enjoy, and am inspired by creative endeavors. music making. video editing. Art,
playing tennis, tae kwon do/dance... i choose to build myself in these skills.
i do this as an interest, and as passion for my life purpose.
i enjoy social gatherings of music, good company, dancing!
being myself, enjoying the lovely girls of valued friendship
what is most important to me at this time, what opportunity to i want to most embrace?
i want to do what is best for me, as a healthy soulworker of love,...which means above all, being in the right frame of mind/space/+ inspiring people/environment is very important!!!!! dear.
Freedom to BE/  to not have to lie... but to be in health, Love :)
that means BEEEEEEEE honest in everything and see where it takes you...see the people you meet, the doors that are open to you... the Love space that you create for yourself....
the openness that you feel .... the journey you live, with confidence....this guides you in all the direction of where you could ever need to be :)
O MY, such Love you are, live with an open, honest, pure heart!! O the joy you will be!! (are) so fully within you!!! woooo......
so, to flow with this ride i am on,..what is best for me, Now?

enjoy, and make intelligent use of these next few weeks.
approach, and write with this proposal
be openly loving honest, as the person you are, so deeply with love.
read the director book/while working with your vision/stories for inspirational video/sharing essence of olympic spirit/cultural/united message :) 
practice and perform monologue, FEEL this openness among the acting that you love to learn, experience, actress becoming....:)

write poetic love with words/language
learn piano songs
practice with drum beats/ writing/ melodys
make notes of bible/plato stories

*sponsor, active/health, video story/propose broadcasters, edit/creative flow of videos
*******above all, BE our best self, BE who we are, BE who we want to be.
in effortless, conscious existence, BE this conscious presence of princess essence.
(in this, i guess it takes ourself, embracing so fully the opportunities that make us feel inspired to grow/ be creative/ opportunity to reach the world, and learn/develop) in this i am now 'freedom' towards miss universe becoming again....and this is lifting a weight off my heart....making me feel freedom through open inspiration!!!!!!!!!!! sooo happy for this :)
and lovingly, as always, this allows me creative space to still work on 'united culture' story, for this is indeed my life passion, and filmmaking story, shared through our life journey to be created, edited, shared as i continue to film the journey i am on.
much much love,.....
thank you.

p.s (going over/uploading our footage, cataloging it, is going to be so exciting!!)

Here i am,...
moving beyond stagnant uncertainty,...
into moving forward, pursuing the journey i am on.
with full heart and mind,...i regain my happiest self, pursuit of sharing radiance, beauty, inspirational story of remembrance with the world.
thank you.
Jocelyn; my soul,
i chose to be open to you, to live as you.
become you
my mind, my heart, my inner being of radiant love and light,
thank you.
being challenged among this time has been a wowness of why??? :)
i accept it all,... with growth,...with fullness of heart and mind...
what aspect of my heart do i have to open??
honesty, purity, intuition....Love. trusting self and where i am moved to be.

who am i now, and where do i choose to go as for Our Loving, Best Self?
Continued motivation of personal growth

can work around approaching for a video being made, to work with this present story, while planning for the trip to africa to film,...and edit among the journey ive been having.....which is lovely! and is important to me, and im sure would be lovely!
and relax at home watching movies, working somewhere i enjoy, be healthy,... make space for openness, growth, meeting people, sharing in experience....
and this could be great.... yet, seeing where i am now, 
where i am around, very observing and conscious...i dont want to sit back waiting
and i very much plan/want to get into acting/ and have a platform/ to share this journey/ as the filmmaker of Jocelyn Lernout...becoming Jocelyn Anna

i choose to be this glowing presence that is felt, and radiating,... touching lives. 
( a time in which i am motivated to become my best self!!!!!! :), in all respects... xoxox)
a process of transformation in Loving radiating joyousness that is who i am.
(a time in which i feel inspired!! to speak with elequance,... to be on stage, sharing inspiration and passion!! speaking with schools!!, attending events,...being dressed, and social skills of Being a presence that is felt, giving... among which i get to BE)
in embracing this opportunity, and pursuing dreams of 'sparkling canada on stage, and inspiring joys of the rainbow',...i pursue a life of a combination of all my dreams, wrapped into a bundle of blessedness, offered to me through universal energy, manifesting of purposeful, and yet openness allowing of 'all as it is and shall be'...

xoxoxox lets see where this journey takes us!! :)

Dressing as who we are, representing self as beauty, radiance
learning these skills, as they become natural elegance

bundled journey of joyous blessedness....
:) love....missuniversebecoming
as sharing spirit of united culture, inspiration of Love, a journey of becoming our passionate, best selves.... being a rolemodel/reknown person with opportunity to Inspire :).....and opportunity to become the actress!! that I LOVE to be :)
wahoooo!!!!! wahooo!! wahooo!!
Love much much Love

wow, i am remembering the energy of lastnight, when the key of whitefeather, laura secord, and pink opening keyhole was among me, in freedom,....of going over some of the raw footage, and seeing our becoming journey,....i Remembered, and felt among opportunity of making this all happen,... 'conscious choice to go to LA with a keyholder of inspirational ability and motivation.'
*I felt FREED, and clear with direction, such pure, loving direction of our life, for our souljourney and purpose, with love, joy, light, happiness....thank you, as we continue with this strength, direction and embracing ability.

wowzers!! thank you for such, much Love :)

'sharing a journey of seizing opportunity'
of being a dreamer, and achieving your dreams'
loving our video flow creations of our journey

thank you dearly..
we are home!!
oxxo :)

(and today i am remembering, through coming across the frame, that is the same as what i got in chatham last christmas, of which upon leaving, i kept pictures of 'miss diversity and miss canada', which unite in the frame and opportunity of embracing miss universe'.
now is the time, ...for our best self, princess presence...of happiness, beauty and joy...
let us make it happen, with confidence, trusting the journey, and being open to the flow of our highest self experience....and giving of self thank you. :)

JL passion : journey into culture and heritage
a piece of my life journey

explore my place in this multicultural world
video tape your reaction to it so the viewer can share in the experience
thats how your sharing my story
thats what sells
thats what ppl are going to want to watch/can relate
small town girl experiencing the world, share that experience
its something youve done and its real

now magazine: think free,
filming this journey of what is freedom, vision of multicultural
what ive done/been
to learn more about experience, opportunity, going into the unknown
--from your slogan-- and filming it...may be interested in your self documentary
im living their slogan

--its about sharing the experience--,
understand the journey your following, relevant  to them/audience

chaos in your heart, awakened again, beyond chaos: watching raw footage of yourself.
the journey your on, ppl are attracted to
experience the world and let ppl see what your experiencing...turn camera to me, tell ppl how im feeling/what im seeing/growing...
people see it as a dream...cht girl, bought a camera, been to places ppl dream of
you and your place in the world,....experiences/taste what its like/ have no worries

your journey, relatable to people on a journey as well, because its a journey we all make

I went to school for psychology and graduated with minors in religion culture and english.  Through life experience I was on a quest to find out why the world was the way it was.  I found myself on a journey in which I was learning, on many levels; life experiences that inspired me to know that i wanted to share be a filmmaker to inspire what i had been coming to understand.
With a pursuit of passion, i found myself exploring events among communities and traveling experiences.
Traveling allowed me to get to know myself and learn about the world we live in...instilling in me, the purpose of sharing appreciation for diverse cultures, while respecting the history and heritage that each culture has endured and developed through....  
I recognize a sort of timeline of histories that have brought us to where we are today:
  (for example, Over the past 100 years, developed countries have gone from riding animals, to cars, trains and planes....)
we've developed abilities of radio, television, computer technologies, internet, cell phones....communications that reach across borders, giving us the opportunities to bear witness to humanity at our time in which we are uniting.
We can live across the world.  We can type in a place or time & make discoveries.  We can learn about ourselves, our cultures, our heritage. Embracing the ability to learn about the world around you, appreciate what it feels like to recognize where we have been and where we are today;
a world that is uniting.
As MJ has termed it,
'This is It'

Through our ability to learn about cultures that vary from our own, we live in a world in which we can allow people to live the freedom of their own culture   (Freedom: 'so long as freedom remains the definition of, free so long as you don't infringe on another's rights'.....)
I also respect that we live in a world in which we allow people to live with the freedom of identifying with their own way of being, such as enjoying music and dance cultures -identities of punk rock, country, hip hop,...are all examples of living with identities.
I use the term 'cultural freedom' to describe a world in which we live with our own cultural identities, and respect and enjoy observing, or taking part, in the cultural identities and ethnic festivals of others.

(In summer of 2008, I brought myself to europe to do a story on cultural freedoms.  I found myself in athens, sharing what I had realized about the world, and now that we are united through communications ability.


When I had the vision that I wanted to be a filmmaker, my life became dedicated to be that which I dreamed about.  I started working on my ideas and creating artistic outlines of what I was passionate about, I shared my work with high schools students. I bought my first camera and started attending events.  

I started by traveling to Toronto, Canada, the biggest city closest to me that had a great deal of opportunity to film culture and explore learning. Next I brought myself overseas to amsterdam and greece, to do a story on what I called, cultural freedom: living with identity....this was about recognizing that we are at a point in history that is at last, unlike an other time in the history of the world.  We, as the people are united through travel and technologies...beyond histories of conflict, various pursuits of conquering,... we have reached a point where peoples of the world now live together, a time where we can value the abilities to learn about and appreciate the heritage and cultural experience of all peoples and diverse identities.
After Greece, my next major filming endeavor was to bring myself to Vancouver.  My vision was to travel 'across a multicultural nation' to the city that was to be welcoming the world.


'Being a dreamer, and working with in your dreams'

Believing in my vision allowed me to follow my dream.  
and living with passion has given me the energy to embrace the opportunities that would help make my dreams reality.
Like an olympic athlete dedicates their lives to training for their olympic dream,
As a filmmaker I moved myself to the west coast to be a part of the opportunities that would allow me to reach the world.  :):)

Through coincidence of reading the paper, I found myself among pageantry---which has lead me on the stage, with the opportunity to share my passion of inspiring the world to celebrate unity of the human spirit.

Finding yourself on a journey where a world of infinite opportunity is available to you.

Since living here, I have learned many stories, have gained sincere appreciation for them.
and I am passionate about sharing that we are indeed at a point in human history where we can unite through our commonalities such as music, dance, sport, language as well as wine and cuisine. Through our communications and traveling abilities, we live in a world where we can celebrate festivals of unity, culture and heritage.


respect each cultural tradition
because the world is now connected,
we have the ability to experience the energy of the human spirit
being united through culture

Welcome to our Multicultural World 

through travel and comunication technologies
(nic. airport shot)

we have the ability to move beyond histories of conflict and divisions of borders, 
we are 
at a point in history where people from all walks of life are 
able to come together to celebrate what it means to be part of the human spirit

(lantern festival of orange sky)
and fireworks
(images of greece/nic., from airplane/sky)

through recognizing histories that each culture has endured, we can learn about the world around us and take part in celebrating festivals of cultural diversity

(canada day, drummers, afrika drummers)
at library shots/

(As we take part in celebrating culture,)

people of the world unite through our abilities to play sport, share art, move to music and experience ethnic cuisine....
at the same time
we live in a world of diverse cultural traditions
through travel and communication technologies
we have the ability to experience cultures from around the globe 

==interview with JL
==Celebration of Culture: United in Spirit

what does it mean...
an experience where people come together
through a common interest, in which emotion and energy can be shared, and radiated among eachother.
where those involved can feel the VIBES of what the shared event is all about.

whether it be a festival, concert, sporting event 
the olympic games is such an event, in which we have the ability to experience being 'united in spirit'

---girl athlete speaking, about the vibes

The modern olympic games was born out of the vision of ___, a man who recognized olympics as an opportunity for the world to come together in peace

---carver, athlete, story to be told/opportunity to share legacy

with an event such as the olympic games,
the spirit of diverse culture is shared through the symbolic journey of the olympic torch
with Vancity, BC, Canada welcoming the world,
we receive the flame from Beijing, China, and in doing so we can reflect on the inspirational aspects of chinese culture,
'unity, respect for families, health of natural medicine and celebrating the festivities of the chinese new year. :)

in Canada, we welcome the world to the legacy of our lands,
the heritage and culture of aboriginal people,
'people who lived in harmony with nature, with respect for elders and their community, and who value the celebrations of life through ceremonies
(in summer of 2010,
the spirit of being united in culture goes to the fifa world cup in afrika, where indig. peoples also celebrate life through drumming, dancing, living in nature)

Today, this land has become Canada, a multicultural nation in which we are a country of people from all over the world..
(currently ---stats)

Welcome to Canada
we are a nation filled with people from all walks of life.
There are many stories to be shared, but we share a common story of embracing the dream of opportunity and freedom.  
Leaving populated cities, people used the abilities of travel to journey to what was considered a new world.
Let us reflect on our journey, and remember the native peoples of these lands we call home.

Today, we are able to celebrate our common story of living in Canada, a multicultural nation, among land of beautiful landscape.

Here we are, welcoming the world to bc, canada, a place of rich heritage, beautiful environment where natural ecosystems thrive among this landscape.... a hub of physical activity, arts and culture.

welcome to the west coast, where people of the world can celebrate culture, art and sport, appreciating the experience of the human spirit, united.


the olympics is an event in which people come together to celebrate passion of the human spirt.
and it is an opportunity for the world to come together in celebration of the common cultures of sport and artistic achievements.

through a world of communication technology that we live in, it has also become an opportunity to share with the world, the cultural spirit and heritage of the host city and it's country. 

We are a nation full of people who's ancestors sought after dreams of new beginnings, freedom, and opportunity. 
Through respect for the legacy and stories of aboriginal peoples who thrived among these lands that we, as a multicultural nation, call home==we welcome the world.

With the games of 2010,
we ignite the torch's flame with the vision and passion of bringing the world together through respecting culture and heritage of all peoples.